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sevenindonesiaAluco SEVEN Aust/NZ are a privately owned Australian company who are the appointed distributors of ‘SEVEN’ Dong E Blue Sky architectural products for Australia/NZ.

Extensive research of the Architectural Façade/Interior market in our region identified the need for alternate products giving wider scope. Aluco SEVEN can offer you an extensive range of products that present cost effective, high quality, timely solutions to your project requirements. We look forward to continuing to build our brand in our region by developing and maintaining long term and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients.

‘SEVEN’ China was established in 1996, and has quickly evolved to become one of the Leading Manufacturers of Aluminium Wall materials in China, enjoying ‘Green Accreditation’ exporting worldwide. ‘SEVEN’ China forms part of the Dong E Blue Sky company. It has supplied products for landmark buildings worldwide such as the CCTV Building, China, Beijing International Airport and Al Saad Tower, UAE which show the confidence the world market has in our products. China is rapidly emerging as a world leader in manufacturing high quality products across a broad range of industries, with primary focus on exceptional quality, and ongoing commitment to exceeding the industry standard, world-wide.

The company’s tenet of ‘Quality Builds Credit, Sincerity Creates Future’ reflects the ongoing commitment of our parent company and we’re proud to represent them in our region.

Current Annual Capacity is:- 8 million m² Composite Panel; 300,000 m² Honeycomb Panel; 20,000 tonnes Coloured Coil; & 800,000 m² Solid Aluminium Panel. Additional production lines are currently under construction at SEVEN’s state-of-the-art HQ/Production Centre in Daqiao town, Dong-e County, Shandong Province, CHINA. SEVEN also has production lines in Taiwan, USA, Germany, Korea and Japan.
Source : Aluminium Composite Panel Database


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